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Association à but non-lucratif «LILA»

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LILA is a French non-profit association, under administration RNA number W942000878. We work towards a better arts creation ecosystem.

We have 2 main type of activities:

  1. Libre Art projects, in particular animation films. Promoting sharing is good, but creating yourself and sharing it even better, right?.
  2. We wish to provide everyone with the tools and the knowledge to create. In particular for digital art, we promote creative Free Software. Our goal is to be able to provide tools, an infrastructure, tutorials, formations, and push these Free Software in administrations, knowledge sharing places (universities, schools…), and in common artistic places, for professional as well as beginner or amateur artists. As for traditional arts, we also strive at sharing methods, knowledge and formations.

So why would you join? To help us improve things. Creation environment nowadays is in bad shape, between copyright madness, a handful of proprietary software in monopoly position (tightening their grip more and more with subscription systems), copyright organisms which are profiting a handful of artists and forgetting most… So we need you to:

Moreover joining up brings a few advantages, as potential primary access to also access our resources and material (if you are around Paris, France), get an account on our cloud (association's OwnCloud server)…

If you wish to give without becoming a member (or are already a member and just want to give more), the donation page is what you are looking for.

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